Project participants

Alexandra Weilenmann is an associate professor in Applied IT and will be project leader. Weilenmann has studied the everyday use of mobile IT since 1998. Previously, Weilenmann has coordinated a VINNOVA funded project on mobile phone use among the elderly, in collaboration with the Swedish National Pensioners’ Organization (PRO), the Swedish Handicap Institute and the Swedish IT & Telecom Industries. She was an expert member of Aging Population Telecom Expert Group (2009-2011) and a member of the Swedish Government’s Use Forum (2012-13).

Olof Torgersson has a PhD in Computer Science and works as associate professor in interaction design. He has worked around 20 years in interdisciplinary research projects dealing with issues such as knowledge management, medical information systems, digital tools for communities of practice, multi-layered user interface design, decision support systems, and mobile computing. He was the project leader in Sweden for the DEVICE project working on development of design education for vulnerable generations, incl. elderly.

Beata Jungselius is a PhD student in Applied IT supervised by Weilenmann. She is writing her thesis on social media use and will be involved in doing user studies in the project, as well as communicating the project results in an accessible way to a nonacademic audience.

Peter Ljungstrand is studio director and senior researcher at RISE Interactive in Gothenburg. He has worked around 20 years in cross-disciplinary, international research projects, and engaged in user-centred design with seniors in a number of previous projects.

Fredrik Bergstrand is a researcher, designer and software developer currently working at RISE Interactive. He is also a PhD student at the department of applied IT at Gothenburg University. Fredrik has been researching technology use and design in regards of sensemaking during the last decade. This work has ranged from studies of emergency response work to studies of health and wellbeing.

Sandra Buratti is an associate professor at the department of Psychology. Buratti has been involved in several research projects concerning different aspects of cognition such as judgment and decision making. Her research has concerned cognition in children as well as adults at different stages in life.